Server Consolidation

      We take big medical data and consolidate it for faster log times, ease of access, and a more centralized management point. This allows your institution to focus on patient care, not server reliability.


      Video Servers

      Want to put your video in one location? We have you covered. Our experts understand that video needs to be accessed from a single location.


      Unlimited Server Features

      Built for reliability

      We only utilize the best in class razor servers built in house and connected with premium cables and top end hardware

      Fast processors

      All of our built products are assembled with the latest Intel processors. Built for speed and dependability.

      Scale on demand

      We only build what you need. No more, no less. This offers you the peace of mind to increase your technology in the future.

      Pay as you go

      With our cloud hosting service, you can pay month to month. Allowing your business to get up and running with little financial risk

      Medical Video

      Video comes from a variety of places, machines, and equipment. We make sure it all works together

      KVM Virtualization

      Utilizing the latest trends in server virtualization, we will analyze your build to get the most efficient data stream available.


      Six Next-Gen Data Centers

      We utilize only the fastest, most dependable data centers across the country. This allocation not only keeps your data safe, but makes it lightening fast.